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Bus 1 - Départ de Verbier: 02:30 (Arrêt de bus Brunet) 

Bus 2 - Départ de Verbier: 04:30 (Arrêt de bus Brunet) 

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Mercedes,Setra or Volvo (49+2)

ABOUT Vegatour

VegaTour the Eco-Friendly choice for your travel.


As a company, we take an active role in protecting the environment by reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Our coach fleet is from the leaders in innovation and cutting-edge technology that allows us to successfully keep fuel consumption as low as possible helping us be environmentally efficient when driving our clients and minimizing our carbon footprint. 

Vegatour is a family run bus company based in Lucern. We have been driving in Switzerland for more than 20 years and would like to welcome you on board on one of our new busses

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Vega Tour Schweiz GmbH | Obergrundstrasse 61| 6003 Lucerne | Suisse

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